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In L.O.V.E with Jack Wills

When I went to London ( relive my trip here and here) I fell in absolute love with the brand Jack Wills . My friend Juliette and I found this adorable shop in Notting Hill, at the corner of a street, jack wills uk attracted by the wood front beautifully decorated for Christmas.

Once inside it is speechless as we discovered the plaid shirts , jack wills sale  chunky knit sweaters , polka dot dresses , plaid blazers ... is throwing " Oh look at this! " " And it c is super nice ! " from one end to the other shop.

The morning we discovered Jack Wills was our first morning in London jack wills uk and we did not want "too much" buy right away , so we spread empty hands ( especially that given the price , it is not necessarily shopping whim ) . I thought we recroiserions may be another brand shop jack wills sale during our stay but no!

So I returned to Paris with an obsession for the brand, jack wills hoodie watching and re- watching their lookbook . The good news is that the brand has an e -shop and book in France (at £ 12 anyway ... ) I expected to firm up balances to order .... and December 24 , wanting to show my mom what was the mark ( she loved it too) what do I see? Christmas miracle ! The majority of items including sweaters jack wills sale for which I had a heart stroke, resulted in 50% ! GO GO GO! A few clicks later distributed here with me 2 sweaters (one offered by my parents for Christmas, that I'm wearing today ) , warm socks and mittens ever!

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